Dates | Repertoire

» Chamber Orchestra Chordofonia

Annika Hinsche (conductor)
Sat 10.06.2023 | 6 pm | Wasserschloss Haus Marck | Tecklenburg

» Festival International de Mandoline de Castellar

Concerts with the Chamber Orchestra Chordofonia and soloist
19. - 20.07.2023 | Castellar (FR)

Concert of the Bundesjugendzupforchester

Lisa Hummel (conductor)
Charlotte Kaiser / Clara Weise / Laura Engelmann (organization)
Fri 28.07.2023 | Loewensaal | Dresden
Sat 29.07.2023 | Alte Boerse | Leipzig

Castle concert

» NOROC Quartett:
Charlotte Kaiser (mandolin) / Jolina Beuren (mandolin) / Maja Schütze (mandola) / Philipp Lang (guitar)
Thu 14.09.2023 | Schloss Friederichsfelde | Berlin

Oz - A musical fairy tale

Family Concert of the Chamber Orchestra Chordofonia
Sun 17.09.2023 | 3 pm | Villa Elisabeth | Berlin

» Concert as part of the Sandstone and Music festival

» NOROC quartet:
Charlotte Kaiser (mandolin) / Jolina Beuren (mandolin) / Maja Schütze (mandola) / Philipp Lang (guitar)
Sat 04.11.2023 | 5 pm | Schloss Burgk | Freital

Matinee with the » NOROC Quartett:

Charlotte Kaiser (mandolin) / Jolina Beuren (mandolin) / Maja Schütze (mandola) / Philipp Lang (guitar)
Sun 05.11.2023 | 11 am | Schwartzsche Villa | Berlin

» Mandolin in chamber music

» NOROC Quartett:
Charlotte Kaiser (mandolin) / Jolina Beuren (mandolin) / Maja Schütze (mandola) / Philipp Lang (guitar)
Sun 26.11.2023 | 11 am | Heinrich-Schütz Konservatorium | Dresden


Charlotte Kaiser places great emphasis on a concert repertoire with a wide variety. Besides performing baroque and original classic literature (including Domenico Scarlatti, Gabriele Leone, Nepomuk Hummel and Ludwig van Beethoven) solo or accompanied by cembalo or guitar her interests also lie in contemporary interpretations of romantic mandolin literature. A favourite of hers is Raffaele Calace, a grand master of this period, whose preludes to this day belong to the most virtuous compositions for solo mandolin distinguished by technical ambition and deep musical emotion.

Most of all Charlotte is fascinated by the interpretation of contemporary compositions, for example by Yasuo Kuwahara or Heinrich Konietzny. Their compositions, which require highest virtuosity combined with expressive rhythm and broad dynamic spectrum, open new ways of expression to the mandolin thus offering the listener entirely new insights into the world of mandolin music.

In addition to her solo activities, Charlotte collaborates on different events in various chamber ensemble-instrumentations. Also, she adapts violin literature (e.g. violin concerts by Johann Sebastian Bach) to the mandolin letting them sound in new ways. These adaptions create opportunities to perform as a soloist in orchestras beyond original mandolin concerts. Examples of original mandolin literature within the framework of the classic concert program are concerts by Hummel or Vivaldi, as well as stage music with the mandolin for the operas Don Giovanni (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart) or Die Tote Stadt (Erich Korngold).

In 2021 she founded the NOROC Quartett (Charlotte Kaiser, mandolin / Jolina Beuren, mandolin / Maja Schütze, octave mandolin / Philipp Lang, guitar). In their programmes, the young ensemble presents the versatility of plucked string music with works from Vivaldi and Beethoven as well as contemporary original literature.